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Reiki (pronounced -ray-kee) means 'Universal Life Force'.The Word ‘Reiki’ can be split into two parts.  Rei and Ki.  Rei, means Universal, and Ki, means energy. It is a system of healing which accesses universal life force energy. Believed to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago, It was rediscovered in Japan in the nineteenth century by Mikao Usui, a theologian, who was researching the healing powers of both Jesus and the Buddha.

Reiki is a technique of a very gentle, healing and loving touch that provides optimum relaxation to help heal, balance and revitalize the mind, body and spirit. The two main benefits of Reiki are stress relief and relaxation which also reduces pain and triggers the body's own natural healing abilites. It is a complementary technique and works hand in hand with all other healing modalities including traditional medical treatment. Reiki is not always works for the highest good of the person or situation. Reiki is spiritual, but it is not religious. Reiki is not connected to any religious practice in any way whatsoever. It's success is not dependent on any belief, just a willingness to be healed.

Reiki works on all levels to balance the system and unite body, mind, soul and spirit. It helps keep the body in balance to prevent illness and is also used to treat chronic illness and disease (not to be substituted for medical care). Reiki is already used in many cancer centers and hospitals across the world as a complementary treatment to orthodox medicine. There are countless testimonials confirming its beneficial effects on stress and on a variety of physical and emotional conditions.


During the Reiki session the practitioner holds their hands on, or just away from, the recipient's body. Reiki uses symbols, hand positions, mental intension, loving heart to connect the person to 'divine light'/ 'divine energy'/ 'universal life-force energy' for the purpose of healing and renewal. It awakens healing ability in both the self and others.


There are many other benefits of Reiki treatments including:

Reducing stress
Promoting natural self-healing
Healing holistically - Body-Mind-Spirit
Adapting to the natural needs of the receiver
Relaxing body/mind
Relieving pain
Clearing toxins
Balancing the energies in the body
Strengthening the immune system
Promoting creativity
Treating symptoms and causes of illness
Releasing blocked and suppressed feelings
Enhancing personal awareness

All my sessions include an in-depth chat about what is going on in your life. I am a firm believer in empowering my clients to help themselves. We will discuss any issues and you will receive guidance that will assist you in resolving any problems.

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