Courses & Workshops 2018
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This is an 9 week course, and includes a set of 26 chakra stones.

Cost R3600 - R600 deposit and R1500 over 2 months.


Healing with Crystals

Crystal Spirit

Selecting your Crystals

Cleansing your Crystals

Charging / Programming your Crystals

why Crystals may not work for you

Developing your sensitivity to Crystal Energy

Merging and Attuning to your Crystal

Working with Quartz, the Master Crystal

quartz Crystal Formations

Using a Quartz crystal on the aura

Closing a healing session with a crystal wand

Healing techniques using Quartz Crystal Grids and layouts

Why people don’t heal and how they can

The 5 myths about healing

What does your illness mean

Full Body scan meditation

Crystals and the chakras

Specific Disorder and which Crystals to Use

Crystal Grids and Layouts using coloured crystals

Pendulum work

Crystal Healing session with chakra stones

Animal healing with crystals

Crystal Massage

Different strokes and crystal tools used in massage

Quick Energy massage

Intuitive Massage

Crystal sphere massage

Foot and hand massage

Back massage

Face massage

Whole body massage

Course dates:

Mid March 2020 9 weeks (evenings) OR
August 2020 4 full Saturdays