Spiritually Speaking is a radio show I was involved in for a year, on EdenAm 1350, every friday from 10am - 11am. Together with Cheryl Lessing and Janet Sedgwick, we had guests each week, from different esoteric or holistic modalities. www.edenvaleradio.org. The show is still airing on a Thursday between 12 and 2pm.I unfortunately could not continue due to the growth of my healing practice.

Recording of the first Episode for Real Health, a new holistic health channel on the home channel, dstv 179. To be broadcast 1 February 2016

I appeared in 2 episodes of Real Health, a holistic health show on the home channel, dstv 179 in 2016, talking about the benefits of Reiki.

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Reiki goes mainstream: Spiritual touch practice now commonplace in hospitals

May 2014

Reiki hits mainstream media on CNN

Reiki hits mainstream media on CNN

The practice of Reiki in modern medicine

August 2015


12 May 2015


6 February 2015


What is Reiki?

Nov. 10, 2014


Effects of Reiki on Autonomic Activity Early After Acute Coronary Syndrome

12 September 2010


Reiki is safe.


Near Death Experiences

Oct 13 2014


The healing power of crystals


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