Courses & Workshops 2018

Psychic Development Workshops

The first workshop is one of a series of development workshops from beginners to advanced.


Introduction to Psychic Development

This is a one day workshop facilitated by myself and Psychic Medium Laureen Marx to be held on Sunday 26th August from 10:00 to 16:30 PM.

Topics to be covered:
What is Psychic Mediumship
Clearing, grounding and shielding techniques
Etiquette of reading for others
Spirit guides
Meditation, including actual meditations to meet your spirit guides, to connect to someones blue print, to clear your mind to read and to “remove” oneself in order to focus.
The 4 major intuitive senses
Exercises to increase each ability
signs and symbols
Various tools and how to use them, including cards, pendulum work, photographs, peoples possessions, colour, numerology etc
During the day we will be playing with a variety of these tools, as well as gently learning what our abilities are (and we all have them) and how to use them.

Tea, coffee and refreshments, workshop notes and copies of the meditations will be provided. We ask that each person bring a LITTLE something for lunch that can be shared with the group. The cost of this workshop is R950. Space is limited so we will require a R450 deposit to secure your place.

If you would like to know a bit more about Laureen please visit her website

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