Johannesburg, May 2020

I just want to thanks you. Last night I think I had the best sleep and woke up fresh and energetic. Thank you I'm really impressed.


Johannesburg, January 2020

Angela is simply amazing. She has helped me so much and I've continued into taking her Reiki course - which I am loving!


Johannesburg, January 2020

It has been such a great pleasure walking this journey with you and a true honour and privilege to have you as my teacher and mentor


Johannesburg, January 2020

Thank you so much for being the beautiful soul you are. Your guidance and support have been a phenomenal assistance in the change of my life path.

Doreen (Reiki Course)

Johannesburg, October 2019

My husband introduced me to reiki - he was convinced it was my calling. I went for a session and a week later I signed up to study reiki. Being a journalist I was intrigued, but skeptical about it and wanted to know how reiki worked. If it was only trickery, I was going to write a story exposing this. Much to my surprise it was far from that – with each passing lesson I found reiki to be profoundly spiritual. It was not what I read in the study manual or heard of other’s experiences but rather what I experienced myself. Angela is a patient and compassionate teacher and an excellent mentor. I still want to write a story someday – far from  what I initially anticipated – it will be about how reiki changed my life around and led me to the path of my soul’s purpose.

Indira (Tarot reading)

Johannesburg, May 2019

Just wanted to update u...I received an offer from ***** , but returned it making a counter proposal bringing the offer more in line with what I earned previously. After weeks of negotiations & waiting for their internal approvals, I received the contract of employment this week. I’ve resigned from *******, finishing month end & start 1 June at ******. EVERY single bit of your readings have been spot on. I would like to thank u & let u know how blessed I feel for your guidance, compassion & advise.


Johannesburg, October 2018

This woman is phenomenal. Not only is she a brilliant teacher and mentor.... she has a real heart & isn’t afraid to use it. She has taught me, mentored me, comforted me and also told me when to take it standing up! Thank you for being the perfect teacher and pillar of steel......need training/healing????? She’s the one!!!!


Johannesburg, October 2018

This beautiful being is simply magical. Such a good teacher and mentor and is someone I wish to have in my life for long. Very gentle and warm soul and totally loves animals. Angela really goes out of her way for students and clients. It's super awesome for me to meet a teacher with knowledge and wisdom but still stays humble. I plan to do more courses with her and to keep her on my path for as long as possible. I highly recommend her. PS. She will make u laugh and smile too. Lovely sense of humor.


Johannesburg, October 2018

Angela is an amazing person and her work is outstanding i have been to her for a couple of treatments and leave feeling awesome! She also taught me Tarot and is an amazing teacher as well!!!!


Johannesburg, 8 June 2018

I was so thirsty for days. Getting rid of all the stuff. I feel great. It’s hard to describe , but I feel I am back in control of my self and my emotions.
Thank you
It was a beautiful experience


Johannesburg, 13 May 2018

I really would like to just let you know in the short time I have known you, you have touched my life on so many levels. It's because you have such a beautiful heart and wise soul. If you have had such a profound impact in my life then I have no doubt that you have touched hundreds of other people. Healing, guidance and aspiration are not attributes that many people have, and you have them and you have shared them with so many people. This makes you one of the greatest angels on this earth and for that I am extremely grateful.

Lisa (Courses and sessions)

Johannesburg, 3 May 2018

I met Angela when I started going to her as a client of her Reiki practice. I had been through a traumatic car accident that resulted in the death of a young man and had been battling to process it, resulting in severe insomnia and general unhappiness. I had tried numerous different treatment options, both in the natural and allopathic arenas with no success. Her counsel, guidance and treatments have enabled me to make great strides in the acceptance and understanding of this event and how to deal with it to the extent that I would go and see her regularly just to chat. Her treatments including various lines of Reiki, colour therapy, numerology and Accessbars have assisted me greatly in overcoming the insomnia.
On first meeting Angela, you are enveloped in her warm and positive energy. She immediately makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and it is easy to open up to her about anything and everything. Angela is a generous giver in all aspects,  whether it be of her time, volunteering and assisting with various animal rescue  groups; her home, which is full of rescued cats and dogs; her knowledge and enthusiasm in the various courses that she offers; financially by working out payment plans for her students; and emotionally in terms of her love and her experiences and her mentoring of younger people who need firm direction.
Whilst my first encounter with her was in her professional capacity, she has become a one of my closest personal friends as well as being my teacher and assisting me with my spiritual journey. She has helped to open my mind to the limitless possibilities that the Universe offers and allows me to follow my path at a pace that I am comfortable with. She is also working with me on my communication skills at work and home as this is an area that I need to develop. I aspire to be able to both get my point across without offence and to be able to listen and hear what a person really says, as she does.
She is fiercely protective of her individual class members and shows patience and understanding of the differing views, whether they be religious, ethnic, age related or regarding the circumstances of each student. This has become vitally important in our diverse and fractured society in South Africa. Her students, friends and clients cover the full spectrum of age, gender, religion, sexual preferences, social and business standing, financial status and culture.
I believe that Angela is a natural healer which is why people are drawn to her and she embodies both the moral and ethical principles that a healer and guide should.

Monique (Reiki Course)

Johannesburg, 18 August 2017

My introduction to Reiki came at a time in my life where I was feeling very frustrated and unfulfilled. Life was getting in the way of what I wanted to do and be. Since starting Reiki, I have a new lease on life and feel like it's giving me some much needed soul food!

Lisa (Reiki Course)

Johannesburg, 18 August 2017

Angela has helped me tremendously, both physically and mentally, since I have been going to her and as a result I have also started taking her Reiki course. She is a wonderful, knowledgeable and patient teacher. My Reiki classes are the highlight of my week and I feel like a child discovering something new and exciting.

Soul Adventures Spiritual Workshop Feedback

Johannesburg, July 2017

"It was a very, very beneficial morning" - Chad

"An awesome morning - thank you" - Michelle

"Thank you for today... I have so much to learn." - Sue

"Thank you so much for yesterday. I found it both refreshing and overwhelming but I'm excited to start doing the work" - Ayanda


Johannesburg, 8th July 2017

The day I met Angela changed my life for the better in so many ways.  She has had an incredibly calming and grounding impact on me. In a world where there is so much happening that drains us and makes us feel incomplete, having her help has made me feel far less anxious and far more present in my daily life.  She is pure light and has done so much in a short space of time to shine that light into all the dark corners of my home and life creating a feeling of peach and warmth.


Johannesburg, 20 June 2017

Hi Angela. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing really. I had a huge bonfire on Saturday night and ended up with letters to my sister, mom, dad and brother. All went into the flames. Also some old negative feedback I had kept from my studies. All gone. Lots of return to sender. And I am feeling happier than I have in ages. Thank you so much for your energy and guidance.


Johannesburg, 23 May 2017

Good morning! I just wanted to let you know how mentally good I am feeling after Saturday's Bars session. My shoulders feel lighter and my lower back pain has eased considerably. Thank you.


Johannesburg, 6 May 2017

Soul Adventures Workshop: Thank you so much for a wonderful morning with such lovely people. It helped me so much. I released so much pent up emotion. I slept for 3 hours when I got home and feel so much better. Thank you Ang. I knew from the minute I met you that you would play an important role in my life as you do with so many. I look forward to continuing this journey with you. A fresh start to life is what I really needed and your group has done wonders. I can't wait for the next one.


Boksburg, 29 January 2017

Reiki and Energetic facelift: Oh my gosh, I had an amazing deep sleep last night... my skin on my face looks smoother... my stomach has no pain yet...plus I forgot to tell you I have been having pain in my knees after a fall about 6 months ago and my knees feel better...thank you...Just what I needed.


Johannesburg, 11 August 2016

I would like to thank you for the amazing experience you gave me at my first Reiki session.

I had no idea what to expect when I came to you and was totally blown away at the reactions I felt throughout my body during and after my session.  I honestly believe in this treatment after my experience.  Thank you.


Johannesburg, 27 July 2016

When I arrived home on Saturday I felt extremely tired and drained... I just slept. But by Sunday evening I was feeling much better. It's just an unbelievable experience! I am in awe. Thanks so much.

Amy Atkinson

Johannesburg, 17 June 2016

I have had two amazing experiences visiting Angela, and would (and do) highly recommend visiting her. She is open and honest, making you comfortable as soon as you arrive, showing genuine concern for your well being. A very warm and healing experience! Thank you!x

Megan MacDonald

Johannesburg, 13 June 2016

I went for my very first Reiki session with Angel's Touch on Saturday. Besides the obvious relaxation effect, it had a profound effect on my spirituality! I have so many questions (mostly relating to what I learnt growing up) and I now have another avenue to study. And Angela is gentle and caring and lovely and you want to do this, you do.

Pris Melato

Johannesburg, 2 May 2016

Worth the time and money....she loves her job. She is awesome, I will definitely see her soon

Sam Moe

Johannesburg, February 2016

Angie truly has the "angels touch". What she has done for my chronic condition has been awe inspiring and phenomenal. My healing process has improved dramatically and my pain medication has lessened to a fraction of what I took previously. She truly is an angel.


Johannesburg, 25 November 2015

I had the most amazing experience with Angela from Angels Touch. Feeling the weight of this passed year getting heavier on my shoulders and feeling generally depressed and emotional, I sought out Angels Touch to go for a Reiki session. I hadn't been for one before and I found Angela most welcoming.

She was informative and made me feel at home, while explaining the whole process to me as well as doing my numerology, telling me about my personality traits as well as what to expect from the year ahead.

Without having to say a word, I was amazed at what Angela picked up regarding trauma's I had gone through as well as injuries I had sustained and general heath issues and niggles I had been dealing with.

I had my session, which was very relaxing and gave me a deep sense of comfort. Within the next two days, I felt an amazing sense of upliftment. I felt all the weight I had been carrying around had been lifted off my shoulders, my depression faded and I felt filled with peace, love and happiness. My injuries started to heal and my headaches and other general aches and pains disappeared.

I would recommend Angels Touch to absolutely everyone. What a fantastic experience I have had!


Johannesburg, South Africa

Two days later, I'm still feeling the healing effect of the numerology reading and crystal healing session I had with a wonderful healer, Angela from Angels Touch. Just what I needed to bring me back to a space of clarity and balance. This experience has reminded me to trust in divine timing and in the fact that we are always led to the right place and the right people. Today, I am following guidance to be open and flow with my bliss. The vibration of joy and bliss are bound to carry one in the right direction.


Johannesburg, South Africa

After my session, I felt much better although still quite tired for the rest of Saturday and Sunday.  Yesterday, however, I felt more energetic and not so heavy/dense. So thank you for the lovely healing session.

Paul Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa

Received via whatsapp"Thank you so much for yesterday. I really do appreciate what you did for me, you are truly blessed and have made such a positive impact on me"

Sharon Harvey

Johannesburg, South Africa

I needed chakra cleansing and balancing desperately and came upon Angels Touch. It was Angela's professionalism and respect where reiki is concerned that made my session so awesome.  I could feel my chakras opening and Will definitely be going back for more I recommend Angela to everyone who wants alternative healing.


Johannesburg, South Africa

This was a truly beautiful experience, from the soft, calming music, to the way in which Angela makes you feel totally at ease and at peace. It was something I have never done, and yet the moment she started the Reikie I could feel something happening. The honesty and professionalism is just what I was looking for. Walking away from this session I felt wonderful. I truly felt like I had experienced a true healing.

Alison Dent

Johannesburg, South Africa

It was a truly special - if a tad ethereal - experience. Ange was very professional and I found the whole experience fascinating.I will definitely be going back for more sessions.


Bryanston, South Africa

Thank you Angela for coming through and clearing my house. It feels so new, and fresh and truly mine now. A clean start, a new beginning. Lovely! Can definitely feel a big difference. xxxx

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