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I often get asked when I started my spiritual journey. My answer... As far back as I can remember. 


From as far back as I can remember, I have had a very strong spiritual connection. I was brought up in an anglican

household. I say that, but my parents were not religious, infact I'm pretty sure that my dad was an agnostic (and

probably even identified more as an atheist), although we never really chatted much about that in my early years.


But my parents did the “right” thing, and made sure we knew the Christian Story. We went to Sunday school, and

sometimes we even went to church on religious days. We were all confirmed at 16, and it was a big deal...a new

white dress, a big family lunch afterwards. It was never dogmatic, but we never really questioned things either.

It's just what we did. My grandparents and parents were brought up that way... so shall you!


As a young child, I was fascinated by church and the bible stories. I asked for a bible for my birthday once, and I still have it. A beautifully illustrated children's bible, that still holds pride of place on my bookcase. My best friend growing up came from a very religious family, and I remember being jealous of her, that she got to go to church EVERY sunday, and that she and her family had a special connection to God, that my family didn't have. I prayed (and still do), multiple times a day.


As I grew into my teens, I did start to question things though. I couldn't understand, why going to church separated some people from others. The concept of a God and a heaven that only accepted people that went to church once a week, just didn't sit well with me. From a very small child, I have always known that “my” God is an extremely kind God, not one of fire and brimstone, and certainly not one to forsake anybody. It was inherent in me, this was something I was just born knowing, so subsequently, as I got older, I started questioning so much that was being fed to me.


Through the years, I read anything and everything relating to spiritual matters, and I felt that I had finally started finding answers that made sense to me. I was told for the first time, about 20 years ago, that my life path involved Spiritual work. I never really did anything about it, other than read more, for the next 15 years. I think I was a little lost, as to where to even begin. Then 10 years ago, my Spirit Guides basically held a "tribunal", and I was very sternly told off, for not having made this my path. When I mentioned that I wasn't sure where to start, I was told in no uncertain terms, that healing was my gift. I booked my first reiki course a week later. The minute I walked into that first class I knew I had found what I had been searching for. It literally changed my life.

I started off my journey by studying an in-depth 12 week, Western Reiki course (Usui Shiki Ryoho) after which I qualified as an advanced Practitioner. I followed that with other forms of Reiki, Crystal Healing and Access Bars - I feel like I have only touched the tip of the iceberg and I am continually studying new modalities, so I have more to offer my clients.

I received my Usui Shiki Ryoho Masters in early 2017, which has allowed me to follow another passion of mine, and that is to teach, which I have now been doing for 6 years.

Over the years I have been asked so many times to start a Reiki Organisation, something I have resisted, as in all honesty, I just wanted to focus on my clients and students, as this is my passion. However it became increasingly more important to have a place where Reiki Practitioners and Teachers of all lineages has a place where they could be supported and valued. It also became clear, that more work needed to be done, to share reiki to everyone countrywide and to start doing more to further Reiki in South Africa. So in Sptember 2023 the Reiki Guild South Africa was born. To read up more about the Guild and what we offer, please visit


I am so passionate about Reiki, and energy healing. I have experienced it first hand, and now see it, time and time again with my clients. I can say, without a doubt that it has been the most rewarding, eye opening, and goose bump making period of my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without experiencing what I have, and I love nothing better than sharing this with my friends, family and clients.


If you have never experienced it, give yourself a gift and come and try it. I look forward to hearing and experiencing many more amazing stories.



With much love




September 2023


PS - If anything sums me up, in a nutshell, its this...

"I don’t care how spiritual you are. How long you can melt in the sweat lodge. How many peyote or ayahuasca journeys that have blown your mind, how many master plant diets you’ve done or how well you can hold crow pose. I don’t care what planets fall in what houses on your birth chart, or how “silent” your meditation is. I don’t care how many crystals you have or how long you’ve gone without sugar, salt, spices or sex or how vegan your diet is.

I want to know how human you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the discomfort? Can you be with your grief, or mine, without trying to advise, fix or maintain it? I want to know that you can show up at the table no matter how shiny, chakra- aligned or complete you are- or not. Can you hold loving space for your beloveds in the depths of your own healing without trying to be big?

It doesn’t flatter me how many online healing trainings you have, that you live in the desert, forest or in a log cabin, or that you’ve mastered the art of tantra.

What turns me on is busy hands. Planting roots. That despite how tired you are, you make that phone call, you board that plane, you love your children, you feed your family.

I have no interest in how well you can ascend to 5D, astral travel or have out of body sex. I want to see how beautifully you integrate into ordinary reality with your unique magic, how you find beauty and gratitude in what’s surrounding you, and how present you can be in your relationships. How do you hold the ones you love in the midst of conflict? How do you take responsibility for your part? How do you make amends?

I want to know that you can show up and do the hard and holy things on this gorgeously messy Earth. I want to see that you can be sincere, grounded and compassionate as equally as you are empowered, fiery and magnetic. I want to know that even during your achievements, you can step back and be humble enough to still be a student.

What’s beautiful and sexy and authentic is how well you can continue to celebrate others no matter how advanced you’ve become. What’s truly flattering is how much you can give despite how full you’ve made yourself. What’s honestly valuable is how f***ing better of a human you can be, in a world that is high off of spiritual materialism and jumping the next scapegoat for “freedom.”

At the end of the day I don’t care how brave you are. How productive, how popular, how enlightened you are. At the end of the day, I want to know that you were kind. That you were real. I want to know that you can step down from the pedestal from time to time to kiss the earth and let your hair get dirty and your feet get muddy, and join the dance with us all."

~Taylor Rose Godfrey

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