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Antaneea Technique

Healing With Touch, Colour and Sound

We are all beings of light – each cell in our bodies is made up of light, which resonates to a specific frequency. The frequencies vary depending on the energy centre or chakra. They vibrate at different rates and resonate to specific colours, much like a television set does. If any of these energy centres are out of balance, we are not properly in tune, and much like your TV, the picture becomes fuzzy and distorted. This is what creates emotional dis-ease, and if not dealt with, eventually causes physical disease. The Antaneea Technique was developed by Penni to assist our bodies to return to a state of balance. The Antaneea Technique system is a multi-layered technique incorporating massage, touch and sound and pours love and colour into the cells. The trained therapist works only on the back of the body and will perform three massages on the client during the treatment.

  • The first massage is the deepest, and 7 beautifully coloured ‘Oils of Transformation’ are applied to the different energy centres, aligning the physical body. During this process the therapist is taught to read the body to identify where stored memories of past hurts or traumas are held. When acknowledging them, you have the potential of releasing it, thereby stopping the repetitive cycles which keep attracting more of the same lessons.

  • The second massage is far softer and gentler and the therapist focuses on pouring love into the body as she places another 7 colours onto the body, which encourages emotional stability.

  • The third process is a light feather touch which aligns to your Divine Blueprint, or potential. This time 13 colours are rubbed into the body in a sacred ritual.

Colour can be seen, is tangible, and therefore balances the outer reality that supports us. This relates to our jobs, relationships and interactions with others. Sound however does the same for the inner emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, teaching us to trust our feelings and perceptions. In order to balance both the inner and outer aspects of life, sound tools are used over the body. A different sound is used for each chakra, and can truly be felt within the cells. Cells vibrate and become alive as they absorb the tones. The use of touch, colour and sound in this treatment resonates directly with our DNA. This technique is suitable to be used on anyone and all ages. The transformative treatment brings about deep relaxation and peace. Gently and with ease you begin the journey back to feeling the joy of being alive and finding your true Soul Path.

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