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Transpersonal Numerology

Transpersonal Numerology is a system developed by Richard Athol Higgins, using your date of birth as an analysis tool. It a tool to help you know yourself better, and not for predictive purposes.


We can shape our external reality by paying attention to our internal processes, and the better we understand who we are, and the nature of our personal software, the better we are equiped to create that external reality.


It is important to understand that we live in a duality, and it is the dynamic tension created between opposites that we experience life and growth. For example, we only know DAY, by having NIGHT, or understand that water can be COLD, because we have experienced it as being HOT. In the same way, each number in your chart has two sides to it, which we percieve as being positive or negative. It is important to realise these are merely opposite poles, and not one being better than the other. We swing between the two as we move through our life's journey, and slowly learn which are appropriate to use, at what times. For example: the number ONE has aggression on its negative side. Aggression is wholly inappropriate when expressed as road rage, but can be very useful if you have to defend your life for some reason.


For too long, society has not allowed us to express or explore our SHADOW side - or rather our SUBMERGED characteristics. This can lead to a suppression of these aspecta of WHO WE ARE, and eventually they come out in exaggerated and often destructive ways. It is important to realise that each of these numbers is like a coin with two sides - if a coin doesn't have a face on one side, it's valueless - and so we are given the complete coin. Learning to flip it at the appropriate side, at the appropriate time is the process of life.


Your numerical imprint defined you at your moment of birth, and in so many ways, it resembles an internal computer programme that has been installed. Your chart describes your personal programme, and which parts you decide to use or not, is where your free will comes in.



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