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Psychic / Mediumship
Development Workshop

In this workshop students will learn tools to help them develop their psychic and mediumship abilities and how to connect to spirit ethically,

responsibly and safely.
The following topics (and more will be covered in the two days)


  • What is Psychic Mediumship?

  • Ethics of reading for Others

  • Clearing / grounding and shielding yourself

  • The importance and different styles of meditation
    Raising your vibration and keeping yourself a clear channel

  • Divination tools and how to use them (Pendulems, cards and crystals)

  • Spirit guides - the different types, how to communicate with them

  • How to distinguish between info from spirit or from other places

  • Meet your spirit guide meditation

  • The Intuitive senses and how to distinguish and grow your gifts

  • Techniques for developing your intuition

  • Signs and symbols

  • Connecting to your higher self meditation

  • Exercises to learn and access your abilities

  • Managing messages

  • Dream interpretation

  • House clearings

  • Various exercises using different methods (Pictures, jewellery, date of births)

  • Automatic writing and MORE

Cost: R2000

R1000 deposit and R1000 THEREAFTER

10am - 4pm

Sat 23rd March and Sun 24th March

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