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Colour Therapy: 
The Magic of  Colour

Prior learning needed: None

Cost: R4500

(this can be divided into 3 payments of R1500. A deposit to secure your place, first payment at the beginning of the course and the last payment at the end.

10am - 4pm

Sat 13th April

Sat 20th April

Sun 5th May

Please join us on this amazing colour therapy workshop.  During these 3 days, you will learn how to do a nine bottle colour reading, where each bottle relates to a different aspect of your life.  It lays the foundation, knowledge and wisdom of colour.  Learn how your colour choices bring insight and increases your understanding of self and others. The process brings enlightenment and supports you in all facets of your life, while giving you the tools to more effectively manage your responses in any situation. Completing this phase of the journey begins the process of self-healing and re-claiming your power. Your choices offer insight into your gifts, talents and hidden potential.  Using the divine oils and Angel Sprays, helps you to navigate and overcome the barriers on your path to fulfillment.
This workshop lays the foundation so the client will really know and understand what they are ready to work with and how they can help themselves in the process:
It covers the following:
·         Understanding how colour relates to the chakras.
·         How colour supports us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
·         How to do an insightful and multi-facetted 9 bottle assessment
·         How we sabotage ourselves and what needs to change in order to move forward
·         Discover your potential and how to move the obstacles to get there
·         How the coloured oils and Angel sprays can support your life
·         How to work with dowsing rods -to test the balance of the chakras
·         Which colours will support mother during pregnancy, childbirth, and for children
·         Which colours to use in an office, therapy practice or at home, to keep the energy clear and light
·         An effective way of doing space clearings
·         How to incorporate colour into other therapy – to support both the client and therapist
The training includes an extensive workbook and teas and snacks. Once completed, you will receive a certificate as a Colour Therapist and will be registered with Penni Du Plessis as a Colour Therapist and will be able to buy your oils and sprays through her at wholesale prices. This is a wonderful stand alone course if its your first course you are doing anda fantastic addition to your toolbox if you already practising. The 9 bottle readings are incredibly insighful for your clients
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