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Lightarian™ Institute Courses

The Lightarian Institute for Global Human Transformation is a spiritually based, educational and training organization.  We offer attunements and training programs for advanced healing, the expansion of spiritual awareness and the stimulation of personal spiritual development...all to support personal and planetary transformation.  To this end, the Institute assists individuals in the five essential areas of spiritual processing (self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation) and supports the development of greater levels of personal awareness, unconditional love and non-judgment in their lives. All courses are done on an individual basis, so no dates set.

The Institute currently offers the following attunements and training programs... (Please click on the relevant course button for more info on each course)

Buddhic Track:

  Lightarian™ Reiki  I&II, III, IV, V&VI



     Lightarian™ Ascension Bands

Ascended Master Track:

              Lightarian™ Rays                    


and six levels of


          Lightarian™ Clearings


Angel Track:

          Lightarian™ AngelLinks             

and the advanced six levels of the


     Lightarian™ Purification Rings

The Gateway Program continues the work from the Buddhic and Angel Tracks and introduces the Master ET energies and Aurora. Very advanced program and requires both the Buddhic and Angel Tracks to be fully completed.

If you are interested in completing all Levels of the Lightarian™ courses, a bulk discount will be applied.  This will need to be paid upfront rather than on an individual attunement basis).

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I am registered with the following Reiki Associations (Please click on the link where provided to Identify Registration):


RMA - The Reiki Masters Association


The RHA - The Reiki Healing Association




The Jikiden Institute




The ICRT - The International Institue For Reiki Training (Reg # ZAP-14-20)

The Lightarian® Institute

I am a registered trainer with the Energy Healers association (The Industry Body for all Energy Healing - the EHO is the body responsible over all for the standards of Reiki in South Africa. It is one of the associations that are in the Energy Healers Organization and are blessed with it's way of training, as negotaiated with the QCTO) In collaboration with the HWSETA (the Health and Welfare SETA) and the QCTO (the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations), the EHO has developed the qualification, Natural Energy Healing Practitioner (Qualification Number recognized world-wide as 532906000). The Energy Healers Organisation has accepted the role of the Assessment Quality Partner, which means that they have to assess the quality of training, in order to protect the public from rogue practitioners, and ensure the quality of care given is to the highest standard

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