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Prior Learning needed: None

Energy Healing / Reiki 1 / Reiki 2 / Reiki 3A - Advanced Course

This course is a 16 week course, to be held once a week, evenings 6:00pm - 9:30pm, or Saturdays / Sundays ( 2 days a month for 4 months). You can do a Reiki course over a few days, but in all honesty, without dismissing the validity of these courses, you literally just learn Reiki and mostly the theory. From my personal experience, there is so much more to it. Being a Reiki practitioner involves so much more than just doing the session. You are also required to be a spiritual counsellor amongst other things as I believe we need to empower ourselves and our clients and give them the tools they need to improve their lives and health. This course includes personal growth and development and spiritual knowledge that I think is fundamental to learn. It also incorporates almost 50% practical application. I have designed this course to set you up as best as possible with the confidence you need to work on, not just yourselves, but others too. You will come out of this course with a qualification as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. 


There are cheaper courses than mine and courses that are more expensive. When I designed my course, I looked at the 3 month course I did and after speaking to others who had done the same, I added into mine what we wished we had learnt more of, and added in more practical application. Setting out as a Reiki Practitioner takes confidence, and I want to set up my students with as much confidence as possible to go out and practice. So for example The lesson on Chakras is traditionally 3 hours. I hold mine over two classes, as I didn't even begin to grasp the relevance of chakras and their importance after 1 lesson. I have also added in practical applications of testing the chakras using a variety of techniques from other healing modalities - not just reiki - pendulems, dowsing rods, muscle testing etc. I have also added in a class on Meridian work - not traditionally taught in Western Reiki, as I think this is as essential as understanding chakras. Along with that I do personally believe that sufficient time should be given to practical work, and this is often rushed over in the shorter courses, as not everyone is theory driven, and it is through practical application that techniques fix themselves into our minds.

Cost for all 3 levels / 16 weeks" R6200 (R600 deposit and R1400 x 4 months - or I am very happy to help if you need a longer payment plan)

Course outline:

Self-empowerment and personal growth, spiritual fundamentals, receive a healing attunement to release any blockages i.e. physical, emotional, mental
Energy healing techniques, intuitive healing, and psychic healing
Basic anatomy and physiology
The human aura, seeing the aura
The major chakras, pendulum dowsing for chakras, chakra balancing via various means
Conducting a healing session, hygiene, counselling and listening skills, ethics, record keeping,
Intuition skills, meditation skills, spirit guides and angels
Energy and Vibrational Medicine: Chinese meridians, visualisation, colour healing
Reiki 1: the history of Reiki, Reiki 1 attunement, traditional Japanese Reiki treatment, chakra balancing with Reiki and affirmations, various healing techniques from different Usui-based Reiki styles, self-healing, the Reiki principles
Reiki 2:  the second degree, healing symbols - physical, emotional/mental/karmic, Reiki 2 attunement, other uses for the symbols, absent/distant healing, healing bad habits, various healing techniques from different Usui-based Reiki styles.
Reiki Advanced:  the third degree, the master healing symbol, Reiki Advanced attunement, using the master symbol to empower, Reiki Advanced Meditation techniques, crystal grids for healing, crystal grids for manifestation, overcome fear, dissolving the ego, aura clearing therapy, Meridian Therapy, various healing techniques from different Usui-based styles.

This course is Internationally accepted and registered with the Energy Healers Association


May - August - Saturday / Sunday course OR
September - December -  Saturday / Sunday course

Weeknights - June


"Angela is a wonderful, knowledgeable and patient teacher. My Reiki classes are the highlight of my week and I feel like a child discovering something new and exciting." - Lisa

"My introduction to Reiki came at a time in my life where I was feeling very frustrated and unfulfilled. Life was getting in the way of what I wanted to do and be. Since starting the Reiki course, I have a new lease on life and feel like it's giving me some much needed soul food!" - Monique

"Learning under her wing has been a great experience and will be looking forward to learning more and even working alongside Angela.." - Nicholas

"Angela is such an amazing person...we are currently busy with our Reiki course...and she is definitely such an fabulous teacher. I can highly recommend her." - Antoinette

"Thank you so much! Thank you for taking on me this amazing journey... I have learned so much from you and the tribe, so much fun and so much laughing, yet we all learned so much. " - Fazila

"This course was a game changer. Thank you" - Christine

"Thank you Teacher for being you and such a joy to learn from, while you opened your home to all our energies... Deep appreciation for the journey we travelled together..." - Rosetta


It is very unfortunate that I even find myself having to write this as when I started out on this journey I had no idea how competitive the spiritual community could be. Unfortunately, and I have found out the hard way, there are some to whom teaching reiki has become big business. As you read up you will find a certain section of the spiritual community who will tell you that their course is the ONLY accredited and internationally accepted course, and they are the only one registered with an association in South Africa. The association is self created - it was not created and is not officially recognised by any Reiki Powers that be, and your reiki course is internationally accepted by your Lineage (which you MUST receive when doing any course). ALL 12 week or longer courses taught in South Africa enable you to go on further and study Karuna Reiki ® and Lightarian Reiki® - both international courses (You actually receive your certificates from those institutes). From the International Centre of Reiki Training - "We require that a student has taken ART or what is also called 3A or Reiki master before taking any level of Karuna Reiki® - This is to ensure that the student has the use of the Usui master symbol before going on to take any of the Karuna Reiki® classes." If our courses were not internationally accepted you would not be able to study further overseas. My course is Reiki 1, 2, 3a (Advanced) and the 3b is Masters (A separate course I teach once you have finished Advanced).

Another misconception is that there is only one Reiki association working with the Health and Wellness Services Seta to accredit Reiki as a vocational training and as a result only teachers operating under that banner are offering accredited training. The organisation spearheading this is actually the Energy Healers Association and they are working with numerous holistic practices to get this accredited. The EHA is open to anyone to join, regardless of your teacher, and I am i registered with them as a master trainer. Until such time as the Health and Wellness Seta passes this training, NO course is accredited by H&W Seta, and when this does happen, all Reiki teachers will be able to apply for accreditation. The long and the short of it, is we are all basically on a level playing field, and as such we shouldn't be denigrating other courses. "Mine is better than yours" should not be coming into play. The fact of the matter is that Reiki is not a regulated healthcare field so there is no present standing certification program that can declare anyone a true master and carry the weight of valid professional credentials. This stands for the whole world and not just South Africa. Infact amongst the majority of Reiki communities worldwide, this kind of powerplay is massively frowned upon and discouraged.


Practising Reiki and the Law:

There are no countries in the world where there are laws governing the practice of Reiki. Several groups in the USA have attempted to pass laws regulating the practice of Reiki in several states. The most recent attempts were in Texas, New York and Florida. In Texas, the legislation was crafted so that only members of the Reiki Alliance and Reiki Touch (and those trained by Alliance masters) could be considered Reiki Masters under law. It also set specific fees for training (10,000 dollars for the Master level) and severe penalties for violating the law. It was fiercely opposed and failed. In New York, the board of Massage therapists, tried to legislate Reiki under the auspices of the Massage therapy Board and Laws. After witnessing a demonstration of Reiki, the board decided that Reiki was not massage and dropped the legislative attempt.  The most current attempt pending is in Florida, where the massage board has usurped the right of Reiki Practitioners to legally practice.  The board has placed Reiki under the auspices of massage law, even thought there is no manipulation of tissue as in massage.  The matter will now have to be settled legislatively. In this case, the practitioners now practice without touch, and work in the Aura only.


Keeping Reiki Free By William Lee Rand - The International Centre For Reiki Training

It is not mandatory to join any organsition to practice or teach reiki in South Africa, or internationally. The idea of an association is great as it provides a place for like minded people to connect, and can uphold a higher standard, however, as soon as this association becomes exclusive, and only excepts members who have studied their particular course, and threatens to expel you as a member when you show an interest in going further, then you have a problem. My advice to anyone starting out on this journey, is to look carefully at the ethos of any Association. If the association prevents you from teaching within a certain radius or limit then please be aware that this kind of monopoly is totally discouraged amongst the International Reiki community ad doesn't exist anywhere else in the world.

" Some Reiki teachers have attempted to get their students to sign non-competetive agreements indicating that they won't teach in their territory. Others have declared that a certain area is their territory and that other teachers can't practice there. Again this tactic is based on fear... Remember... there are no territories in the Reiki world"  William Lee Rand, Karuna® Masters Manual.


If you read up on most international reiki organisations, they will accept you regardless of where or who taught you, for eg taken from

"Community Membership is open to anyone initiated into Reiki!


The Reiki Association offers people who have Reiki the opportunity to be in community together and membership is open to anyone initiated into Reiki, even though the core of belief of this Association is the Usui System (Usui Shiki Ryoho)."

From my own experience, I was refused entry into Masters as I was very open about the fact that I wanted to teach, and I was expressly told that I could not teach as I lived within 22 kms of my own teacher. That's when I realised that this associations main focus was monopoly and not mentorship. It took me awhile to self empower myself as I had - and still do have - great respect for her as a teacher, and I had to actually disassociate. Like the Hierophant card in the Tarot teaches - sometimes institutionalising something is not always the best thing.  After I left, the world opened up for me and I gained the most fabulous teachers who taught me what true mentorship is, and I want to offer the same thing to my students. I believe as a community we should support each other and stand together and not create a culture of exclusivity which personally I believe goes against everything that Reiki teaches us.


"Reiki is a spiritual practice, so regulation simply does not apply. Regulated spiritual practice is religion.  Moreover, Reiki practice is accessible to everyone, not only a select few. Imagine trying to regulate traditional Yoga..."

In Frank Petter's latest book, "Reiki: The Legacy of Dr. Usui", There is a section containing an interview with Dr. Usui (The founder of Reiki). In it, Usui states that Reiki is for all and that is why it cannot be owned by any one person.


If you spend any length of time in the "Reiki Community", you will find many different practices, and attitudes prevalent. You will find many many caring professionals and practitioners who love Reiki, and enjoy healing others with reiki, and teaching reiki to others. Sadly, you will also encounter some of the following attitudes:
1. My lineage is more "true", "pure", "more direct".
2. Your teaching is incomplete, you did not learn in the "traditional", "non-traditional", "method from Japan" way.
3. Your teaching/training was "with an inadequate teacher".
4. Your Master class was inferior because "you cannot be truly a master because you are not adequately prepared to teach".
5. You are not practicing the Usui System because  "you trained with Master "X" and everyone knows he/she doesn't practice true Reiki".
6. My system of reiki is superior because  "it is more powerful", "more deeply penetrating", "heals on a deeper level", "is higher vibrational", "I have trained in Japan" (and on and on ad nauseaum) 

I believe very strongly that all Reiki Practitioners should be properly trained. I also believe that they should practice Reiki and be proficient before they attempt to teach others. However, I do not believe that I am the arbiter of what "good training" is. People need different things and there are masters and styles to fill in all those needs. I am not in any position to judge any other Reiki Channels ability to do, or teach reiki. So having said all that, there are many fabulous teachers in South Africa, and they each teach differently. Talk to a prospective teacher, and even better, find the time to sit down and meet with them. The best way to figure out which course is the best for you, is to judge by the energy you feel from a prospective teacher. Remember a good teacher should be your mentor for life, so your energies must gel. Spiritual practice should be empowering, so if you find your Reiki teacher is dis-empowering you, you probably don't have the right teacher. Do not get hoodwinked by anyone who tells you their course is the only accredited course, or who tells you cannot teach in the future or who bad mouths any other reiki teacher. If you are told that a course is internationally accredited by an International Organisation, go to the website and check!

I have included some questions below that you can ask a prospective teacher.

Reiki 1 energy healing practice
IMG_6203 2.JPG
Reiki 1 certificates
Reiki 1 energy healing practice

I am registered with the following Reiki Associations (Please click on the link where provided to Identify Registration):


RMA - The Reiki Masters Association


The RHA - The Reiki Healing Association




The Jikiden Institute




The ICRT - The International Institue For Reiki Training (Reg # ZAP-14-20)

The Lightarian® Institute

I am a registered trainer with the Energy Healers association (The Industry Body for all Energy Healing - the EHO is the body responsible over all for the standards of Reiki in South Africa. It is one of the associations that are in the Energy Healers Organization and are blessed with it's way of training, as negotaiated with the QCTO) In collaboration with the HWSETA (the Health and Welfare SETA) and the QCTO (the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations), the EHO has developed the qualification, Natural Energy Healing Practitioner (Qualification Number recognized world-wide as 532906000). The Energy Healers Organisation has accepted the role of the Assessment Quality Partner, which means that they have to assess the quality of training, in order to protect the public from rogue practitioners, and ensure the quality of care given is to the highest standard

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