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Usui Shiki Ryoho
Reiki (Western Reiki)
Angels Touch is one of the leading schools in Johannesburg, with Reiki courses now being taught in Cape Town. For Cape Town courses please contact Vanessa on +27 79 875 6583 or Email:   Website: 


(All minimum standards required by SAQA are met)

Prior Learning needed: None

Energy Healing / Reiki 1 / Reiki 2 / Reiki 3A - Advanced Course

This course is a 16 week course, to be held once a week, evenings 6:00pm - 9:30pm, or Saturdays / Sundays ( 2 days a month for 4 months). You can do a Reiki course over a few days, but in all honesty, without dismissing the validity of these courses, you literally just learn Reiki and mostly the theory. From my personal experience, there is so much more to it. Being a Reiki practitioner involves so much more than just doing the session. This course includes personal growth and development and spiritual knowledge that I think is fundamental to learn. It also incorporates a minimum of
50% practical application. I have designed this course to set you up as best as possible with the confidence you need to work on, not just yourselves, but others too. You will come out of this course with a SAQA approved qualification as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, which will allow you to practice in South Africa and Internationally. (For more info on the rules for practising Reiki In South Africa CLICK HERE

I have designed my course to allow for more practical experience than most other courses offer. Setting out as a Reiki Practitioner takes confidence, and I want to set up my students with as much confidence as possible to go out and practice. I do personally believe that sufficient time should be given to practical work, and this is often rushed over in the shorter courses, as not everyone is theory driven, and it is through practical application that techniques fix themselves into our minds.

Cost is inclusive of all three levels of Reiki / 16 weeks  R7200

(R800 deposit and R1600 x 4 months - or I am very happy to help if you need a longer payment plan)

Next course dates:

NEXT 2024 weekend dates  - 8 full days - 10am - 4pm:

Sat 3rd Aug; Sun 18th Aug; Sat 31st Aug; Sun 8th Sept; Sat 21st Sept; Sun 6th Oct; Sat 19th Oct; Sun 3rd Nov; 

Weeknight class 6-9pm for 16 weeks: Starts Tuesday 9th July

Course outline:


The course is broken up into 4 sections

General Healing:

Self-empowerment and personal growth, spiritual fundamentals.
Energy healing techniques and intuitive healing
The human aura, seeing the aura
The major chakras, pendulum dowsing for chakras, chakra balancing via various means

Conducting a healing session, hygiene, counselling and listening skills, ethics, record keeping,
Intuition skills, meditation skills, spirit guides and angels; visualisation, colour healing

Reiki Level 1:

The history of Reiki, Reiki 1 attunement, traditional Japanese Reiki treatment, chakra balancing with Reiki and affirmations, various healing techniques from different Usui-based Reiki styles, self-healing, the Reiki principles; Basic Anatomy & Physiology

Reiki  Level 2:

 The second degree, healing symbols - physical, emotional/mental/karmic, Reiki 2 attunement, other uses for the symbols, absent/distant healing, healing bad habits, various healing techniques from different Usui-based Reiki styles; Animal reiki

Reiki Advanced Level 3A:  

The third degree, the master healing symbol, Reiki Advanced attunement, using the master symbol to empower, Reiki Advanced Meditation techniques, crystal grids for healing, crystal grids for manifestation, overcome fear, counselling skills, Psychic Surgery, Meridian Therapy, various healing techniques from different Usui-based styles.

This course is fully certified, accredited and Internationally accepted.

Deciding on what course is best for you can be confusing and overwhelming - here are a few things to consider:

Are you wanting to learn reiki to just practice on yourself and family?If your answer to that is yes, then Reiki 1 is sufficient. However, take into consideration that this may change at a later stage, in which case doing a course that offers up to professional practitioner, may be more benificial.

If you are wanting to practice reiki professionally, make sure the course you choose offers plenty of opportunity for practical lessons. While the techniques are quickly learned, becoming proficient takes time. Reiki is self revealing, so depth and insight only comes though intensive practicing.

  • Make enquiries to a number of teachers

  • Ask how many class contact/face to face hours there are

  • Are there any additional hours required to be put in?

  • Do they provide you with a manual?

  • Do you have to do case studies (i.e. treatments), and if so how many?

  • How long have they been practising Reiki?

  • How long have they been teaching Reiki?

  • How often do they teach?

  • How do they personally use Reiki?

  • What is their lineage? 

  • Do they still have an active practice where they see clients?

  • Where are their classes held and is there parking nearby?

  • Are they a member of a professional Reiki organisation, if so which one?

  • Are there any things which you will need to purchase prior to training?

  • What are the requirements if any, for certification at the end of the course?

  • Do they have past students that you can openly talk to that would give you an honest assessment of the course? Do they have public reviews of their courses?

  • Are they willing to meet with you . have a phone conversation before you make a decision. By talking to the teacher you will gain some insight about them, and when you think you have found the right teacher it may be a good idea to go to them for a Reiki treatment before training.

  • Do they offer on-going mentoring/support?

  • Will they openly support you in being a successful Reiki practitioner or master or master teacher? 

  • Do they mentor & support prospective Reiki Master Teachers? This is an important one if you would like to go as far as Masters. There are certain Reiki schools that will not teach beyond Advanced, as they do not want other Reiki teachers encroaching on their "turf". If they say they will mentor you as a prospective teacher no matter where you live, if you so desire, please get it in writing first.

  • What are the specific things you will be able to do after taking the training?

  • Do they have a positive respectful attitude toward other Reiki practitioners and masters, regardless of lineage or affiliation?

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Reiki 1 certificates
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