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Courses & Workshops 2018
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When you rush breathlessly from one moment to the next, anticipating another problem or hungering for another pleasure, you miss the beauty of the present, which is constantly unfolding before your eyes.

Meditation teaches you to slow down and take each moment as it comes – the sounds of traffic, the smell of new clothes, the laughter of children, the worried look on an old woman’s face, the coming and going of your breath. As the meditative traditions remind us, only the present moment exists – the past is just a memory and the future a fantasy, projected on the movie screen of the mind right now.

When you are constantly struggling to live up to images and expectations (your own or someone else’s) or racing to reinvent yourself to survive in a competitive environment, you rarely have the opportunity or the motivation to get to know yourself just the way you are.

When you meditate, you learn to welcome every experience and facet of your Being without judgment or denial. In the process, you begin to treat yourself as you would a close friend, accepting (and even loving) the whole package, the apparent weaknesses and shortcomings as well as the positive qualities and strengths.


This ONLINE course consist of 23 PDF modules and 18 audio meditation files.

Cost: R1250 (For past students of Angels Touch R950)

Once payment has been received, all the modules will be sent to you via dropbox.

Course content:

Module 1 - Introduction
Module 2 - Essential elements of meditation
Module 3 - Grounding prepares you for Meditation
Module 4 - Living in harmony with the Spirit of Meditation
Module 5 - Visit your Spiritual temple
Module 6 - Karmic healing - Reclaim your Divine power
Module 7 - Connect with a loved one in Spirit
Module 8 - Reconnect with your Soul family
Module 9 - Connect with your Soul
Module 10 - Receiving Divine guidance.
Module 11 - Remembering your past lives
Module 12 - Discover your personal Divine Soul lineage
Module 13 - Cleanse all time and space
Module 14 - Sacred knowledge.
Module 15 - Healing Mother Earth
Module 16 - Future life progression
Module 17 - Access your Universal home
Module 18 - Connect to the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions
Module 19 - Ignite the eternal flame within your Soul
Module 20 - Activate your Divine Blueprint
Module 21 - Twin Flame reunion

Module 22 - Mayan Pyramids and Crystal Skulls
Module 23 - Meditation Journal


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