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Lighterian Gateway™ 

This continues the work from the Buddhic and Angel Tracks and introduces the Master ET energies and Aurora. 

As the Earth goes through many energetic shifts and changes at this time, many of you will feel an urgency to enhance your own personal Ascension process. With the groundwork set through completion of the Lightarian Buddhic Track (Ascension Bands OR Lightarian Reiki) plus the Lightarian Angel Track (Purification Rings and Angellink) programs, you have given yourself permission to assimilate more of your spirit into your physical body.

This Ascension/Descension process has worked to remove adverse polarities while at the same time has opened up the way to recognising and working among various dimensional realities.

The Lightarian Gateway program provides training for navigating such dimensional planes through working with the Crystal Skull, Sacred Blue Flame of Wholeness, and Gem Grid Activations enabling you to interact with several Extraterrestrial Masters and the Seraphim groups.

Prior learning needed:


All levels of AngelLinks, Purification Rings and either the Ascension Bands or Lightarian Reiki all Levels.

Cost R950 per Attunement (6 Attunements)

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