Courses & Workshops 2018

SATURDAYS ONGOING THROUGHOUT THE YEAR (You can join in this course at anytime)


I originally started writing this course by request from my Reiki Students, who wanted to learn skills in order to further empower their future clients. However, while I was writing it, it became clear to me that this would be highly beneficial to everyone on a spiritual journey, whether you are a practising healer or not. This course provides the insight we need for our own spiritual development, as well as our clients. If you are at the beginning of your journey, or simply want to expand on your existing knowledge this course is a must as it will explain and demystify so much that we all find confusing, and therefore don't use, in our everyday life.

I have structured this course in a way that you can do the entire thing (and receive a certificate in Spiritual Counselling) or you can just attend the classes that suit you, and the ones you would like more knowledge about. You will be given tools to use for yourself or for potential clients.

The first class will be a double class and is scheduled for Saturday 30th June from 9-5. I will supply all notes, refreshments and a light lunch. The cost of the double session is R900 (R450 / class).

The first sessions topics will include:

Examining our personal belief system, and what that means.

Basic spiritual terms

The Spiritual Laws of the Universe and how to work with them.

Intentions, Goals and Affirmations.

Listening skills.

Further classes will include healing the inner child, sacred contracts, The shadow side, enneagrams, chord cutting, Dealing with fear and anxiety, meditation skills, Raising your vibration, breathing techniques, forgiveness, The Importance of Colour and creativity and more.

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