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Transpersonal Numerology

Transpersonal Numerology - run by Richard Higgins

For over 15 years Richard Higgins has seen the wide-spread use of his Transpersonal Numerology by scores of tutors, life coaches, HR managers, psychologists, therapists and spiritual seekers.

This unique personal and spiritual growth tool is based on a person's date of birth.

It is simple to learn and easier to apply than any other method he has come across yet provides remarkably precise insights.


“A very accurate, quick to learn system, which in minutes reveals

who people truly are and how they interact with the world.”

                                                  LEL, Psychologist, JHB


Transpersonal Numerology Level 1: Personality Profiles


Day one of the workshop will give you the tools to do an in-depth Personality analysis, as well as give insight in how to bring the outer Personality into alignment with the Soul’s Purpose.  The system is extremely useful as a "know thyself" tool, making it highly valuable in understanding your role in relationships, and for identifying career choices.


You will learn the basics of the Sacred Geometry and Creation Theory behind Numbers; the attributes contained within the vibrations of each Number; the simple calculation of a Transpersonal Numerology Chart; as well as the in-depth analysis and interpretation of any Personal Chart.


Transpersonal Numerology Level 2: Relationship Profiles


Day two will give you in-depth insight into Personal and Business Relationships. 

On the workshop you will learn how to combine and analyse two or more charts; the rewards and challenges built into any relationship; as well as how to identify the Soul and Karmic links between two people.


Please note this course is not run by me, and I don’t handle the bookings - I merely host the workshop at Angels Touch’s premises. To book or enquire please contact Richard Higgins directly.

You can


16th and 17th March OR

10th and 11th Aug

For information and bookings, please call Richard directly on 076 046 3044 or Telegram

 or email him on

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