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Spiritual Development / Counselling Course


This course is for anyone who wants to develop their spirituality or people already practising healing modalities, that need help with spiritual concepts in order to help spiritually counsel their clients.


Each section is broken up into modules, with a video, notes and homework. The homework supplied can also be used for clients. You can choose the modules you want to do.


Each Module is R350.00. Once you have made payment, that module will be sent to you. If you complete all modules within a section (beginners, intermediate and advanced), the Last module will be free.


There is to time limit between modules, however, I do advise spending at least a week between each module, as the homework requires you to really think about things in your life and this process shouldn't be rushed.


There will be a beginners, intermediate and Advanced course


I am available via email or whatsapp with any questions you might have and going forward I will be creating a closed facebook group where everyone doing the course can ask questions, share insights etc.



Module 1:



Basic spiritual terms

The Basic Laws of Life:

  • As Above, So below

  • As Within, So Without



Module 2:


What do YOU believe? (Looking at our own individual belief system)

The Basic Laws of Life Cont:

  • The Law of Request

  • The Law of Attraction

  • The Law of Resistance



Module 3:


What is the problem? (looking within to find out the source if our problems)

The Basic Laws of Life Cont:

  • The Law Of Reflection

  • The Law of Projection

  • The Law Of Attachment


Module 4:


Where do our limiting beliefs come from?

The Laws of Creation:

  • The Law of Attention

  • The Law of Flow

  • The Law of Abundance



Module 5:


Being resistant to change

The Laws of Creation Cont:

  • The Law of Clarity

  • The Law of Intention

  • The Law of prosperity



Module 6:


How do we change and Building the New.

The Laws of Creation Cont:

  • The Law of Manifestation

  • The Law of Success



Module 7:


Doing Daily Work.

The Laws of Higher Awareness

  • The Law of Balance and Polarity

  • The Law of Karma

  • The Law of Reincarnation



Module 8:


Tools: Journalling, Vision Boards, Meditation and Tips and techniques to keep your vibration high.

The Laws of Higher Awareness Cont:

  • The Law of Responsibility

  • The Law of Discrimination

  • The Law of Affirmation

Module 9:


Putting your ideas to work: Relationships and work

The Laws of Higher Awareness Cont:

  • The Law of Prayer

  • The Law of Meditation

  • The Law of Challenge



Module 10:


Putting your ideas to work: Success and Prosperity

The Laws of Higher Frequency:

  • The Law of Miracles

  • The Law of Healing

  • The Law of Purification



Module 11:


Putting your ideas to work: The body

The Laws of Higher Frequency Cont:

  • The Law of Perspective

  • The Law of Gratitude

  • The Law of Blessings



Module 12:

The Laws of Higher Frequency Cont:

  • The Law Decree

  • The Law of Faith

  • The Law of Grace

  • The Law of One


Further classes will include healing the inner child, sacred contracts, The shadow side, chord cutting, Dealing with fear and anxiety, meditation skills, Raising your vibration, breathing techniques, forgiveness, The Importance of Colour and creativity and more

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